Video: Brock Lesnar picks up and tosses 7-foot-3, 410-pound opponent at WrestleMania 39

It’s not very often that Brock Lesnar is the smaller man in any of his WWE matches, but that’s exactly what the ex-UFC champion faced Sunday at WrestleMania 39.

During the second night of the annual event, Lesnar took on an opponent named Omos (real name Tolulope “Jordan” Omogbehin) — an athlete billed at 7-foot-3 tall and 410 pounds. While that may not be his exact size, Omos is definitely a giant of a man, and he proved that by slamming Lesnar around the ring several times during their match.

It wasn’t until later that Lesnar finally gained the upper hand, which is when he managed to get behind Omos to wrap his hands around the massive man and toss him to the mat with several German suplexes. While the move required some assistance from his opponent as Lesnar lifted and threw his opponent to the ground, the finish in the matchup definitely took a serious show of strength.

To close the match, Lesnar picked Omos off the ground for his signature F-5 finisher — a move that saw the 45-year-old former UFC heavyweight put the giant on his shoulders before lifting and tossing him down to the ground, earning a three-count for the victory.

It was an impressive feat of strength, but that’s nothing new for Lesnar, who often displays his awesome power during his matches with WWE.

While Lesnar is commonly one of the biggest draws at WrestleMania and oftentimes in the main event, he actually opened the card on Sunday night for his matchup against Omos. Lesnar’s performance also counted as his 12th match at WrestleMania — a rare accolade for superstars in WWE, with only 19 other pro wrestlers accomplishing the same feat.