Fight Circus 6 highlights: Bob Sapp, Rampage Jackson win wild siamese boxing match; fighter wins 2 vs. 1 bout with powerbombs

While Saturday featured several combat sports events, none were wilder on paper than the latest offering from Fight Circus, which delivered in many ways.

Fight Circus 6 took place Saturday night on FITE, and in the main event, former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson teamed up with fellow PRIDE veteran Bob Sapp for a siamese boxing match against promoter Jon Nutt and his partner Woody. The fight went off the rails quickly, as expected.

“Rampage” and Sapp landed a knockdown in the first that sent a competitor through the ropes.

In the second round, things got even crazier. As the referees tried to separate Jackson and Sapp from their opponents, both fighters landed punches on some of the officials. One referee took exception, shooting a single-leg takedown on Jackson while the longtime MMA fighter threw some punches back. It was, indeed, pandemonium.

In the end, Jackson and Sapp got the victory via third-round TKO.

Earlier in the night, a round of “Musical Chairs of Doom” was played, and all of the competitors found themselves in certain matchups based on where they placed in the competition.

For instance, the third and fourth place participants competed in a 2 vs. 1 “MMA-symetrical” fight against Walter John Veale. The bout only lasted mere seconds, as Veale power-bombed both of his opponents, and the fight was stopped — a perfect salute to WrestleMania 39 weekend.

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