Video: Fighter takes nasty spill off top of cage during post-fight celebration

Fighters take note: The cage wall is not for climbing and definitely NOT for standing on.

While plenty of fighters have made use of the cage for post-fight celebrations, whether it be simply sitting on top with arms raised in triumph or to assist with a dazzling flip back onto the mats, Kazakh fighter Teymur Zhaparov was given a harsh reminder that the parameters of the cage shouldn’t be toyed with.

Following his unanimous decision win over Zhakhongir Nazhmedinov on Sunday at an Octagon League show in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Zhaparov scaled the fence and attempted to stand up only to slip and fall on the fence covering and fall to the outside.

Watch the scary blooper above.

It’s unclear what Zhaparov was attempting to do but regardless, it ended in disaster for the flyweight. Fortunately, it appears that Zhaparov was unharmed and able to sheepishly make his exit.

The good news for Zhaparov? That was his eighth straight win and his pro record now stands at a healthy 12-3-1.

For more action from Octagon 41, a free replay of the event is available on YouTube.