Video: Dillon Danis gets in shoving match with KSI, cracked in the face by Anthony Taylor

It was another banner day for Bellator fighter Dillon Danis as he got into a pair of scuffles on Friday during the Misfits Boxing weigh-ins.

During the weigh-ins, Danis and boxer KSI — who is also serving as a promoter for Saturday’s event on DAZN — went face-to-face and began chirping at one another. After Danis asked if he wanted to get choked out, KSI responded by saying he could knock out the jiu-jitsu specialist. Danis responded by saying, “Do it right now,” before throwing a soft left hand to the face of KSI and all hell broke loose.

Check out video of the pull apart in the video below.

While it’s rare for something like that to happen once, for it to happen a second time in a short span of time is nearly unheard of. In another video captured by IFL TV, former Bellator fighter turned boxer Anthony Taylor confronted Danis outside of the weigh-in venue. Eventually, Taylor broke through the group of people holding him back and punched Danis right in the face, and another skirmish broke out.

Danis is 2-0 with two submissions as a Bellator fighter, but hasn’t competed inside the cage in over three years.