The Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series – only 55 units worldwide

We’ve only recently seen the first AMG GT Black Series P ONE Edition being delivered to a client in the USA, and today we’ve got a potentially even more interesting car from Affalterbach to show you, the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series, and while the P ONE Edition came with a $60,000 premium over the regular AMG GT Black Series, the P ONE Edition was reserved for those VIP customers that had an order in for the Mercedes-AMG hypercar, the Project One, a car they bought back in 2017 and that hasn’t been delivered yet, but with the latter being limited to 275 units (all sold out mind you), the production of the AMG GT Black Series P ONE Edition would also be limited to that number, how many have been ordered in the end isn’t known yet, but it does make this new Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series even more interesting as only 55 units will be made, as an homage to 55 years of Mercedes-AMG.

But there is a catch, as always, good things come with their own set of rules and the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series comes with a rather important specification … she’s not street-legal. Yes, you are reading this right, and the name Track Series should have gotten your guard up, this is a track-only monster, based on the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, but taken to a completely different level of performance and looks, this is a true circuit racer in every sense of the word, with an MSRP of €369,000 plus VAT, the options list is even more interesting, as it contains items like a spare parts starter set, seat and helmet ventilation system, drinking system and passenger safety cell, however, airconditioning is standard, but I’m sure you’ll be able to convince AMG to get rid of it for that extra touch of racing feeling.

Christoph Sagemüller, head of Mercedes-AMG Motorsport: “Everything on the GT Track Series is subordinated to the performance philosophy that has been the dominating theme in the conception of our cars since the founding of Mercedes-AMG 55 years ago. Our customers require a suitable vehicle for every kind of activity. Therefore, expanding our portfolio with an exclusive club sport car was logical. But we have even gone one step further, offering our customers not just an outstanding product with excellent performance and quality, but also a strictly limited special edition model.”

For the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series they’ve taken the famous, handcrafted AMG 4-Liter V8 Biturbo engine from the GT Black Series and enhanced it even further, fitting bespoke motorsport injectors, a specific ECU, the flat-plane crankshaft beauty now delivers 778 hp and 627 lb-ft of torque, making this the most powerful Mercedes-AMG car ever to be available for customers, a sequential Hewland HLS 6-speed racing gearbox with adjustable differential will delivery all this power to the rear wheels, supported by extensively adjustable four-way Bilstein shocks, it is clear this limited edition has been inspired by the famous GT3 and GT4 models we’ve already seen on the track.

Just as a real race car should be, many parts of the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series body are made of lightweight carbon fiber, like the hood, fenders, side sills, trunk lid, and rear bumper, which helps to keep the weight down to 3,086 lb, this car comes with integrated vents on top of the front wheels for additional downforce while the special side sills come with vertical fins at the front and rear for optimal airflow around the car, while at the rear we find a double diffuser and additional air vents that clearly show the racing pedigree of this limited edition supercar.

The entire front bumper is bespoke to this Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series, with her specific grille for optimal airflow onto the radiators while the front splitter is another exclusive part of this limited edition while we just can’t ignore that massive rear wing, which while being based on the Black Series rear wing, is now mechanically adjustable to generate the required amount of downforce for the rear axle, as it happens, both axles come with exclusive high-sheen milled and forged wheels in 18-inch, which might seem small compared to the Black Series, but 18-inch is a standard size for GT race cars, and this allows the use of regular competition tires.

The new Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series also comes in a very special exterior color, called MANUFAKTUR Cirrus Silver Magno, an exclusive semi-gloss grey that is combined with red and anthracite details for a really impressive overall look, especially with all the exposed carbon fiber aero parts and black wheels.

Stefan Wendl, head of Mercedes-AMG Customer Racing: “For the development of the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series, we set ourselves the aspiring goal of being able to provide ambitious motorsport customers with a matured and highly exclusive track tool. Our engineers and motorsport experts have accomplished this in an impressive way. I am looking forward to our customers set new personal records with the GT Track Series at racetracks around the world.”

Naturally, the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series comes complete with racing electronics like a specific traction system and a motorsport ABS, while the brakes are made from steel, while the roll cage in the interior is made from high-tensile steel and gets bolted to the aluminum space frame, there is even an extrication hatch in the roof, this really is a gentleman’s race car, there is even a five-point safety harness and customizable ergonomic seat, this leads to the fact that the driver safety cell meets the latest FIA standards.

The steering wheel, exclusively developed for the GT Track Series in cooperation with the sim racing experts at Cube Controls, has a wide adjustment range and numerous control opportunities. The pedals can also be adjusted and can be individually adapted to the driver’s physique. The dashboard with visible carbon and a matte finish includes a fully programmable BOSCH DDU 11 Driver Display Unit, designed for intuitive operation and user-friendliness. Moreover, it incorporates a comprehensive data logging system for motorsport purposes, for instance, a lap trigger to keep track of lap times. The GT Track Series is one of the first cars around to feature the newly developed system.

The Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series is limited to 55 units, all hand-built at Affalterbach, as an homage to the founding of the company by Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher in 1967, 55 years ago today, to further emphasize this, a high-end embossed “1 of 55” plaque is fitted to the interior as a signature for the uniqueness of every single Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series special edition, as final detail you’ll find a “Track Series” embroidery on the driver’s seat, which is also replicated on the limited car cover that comes with this exclusive Track Series edition.

When you buy a Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series, you’ll get some amazing perks, comprising of a comprehensive service and support range that is still being further developed and expanded, but you’ll also be able to enjoy some privileges that are normally reserved for Mercedes-AMG Motorsport customer teams, like a technical training prior to delivery of the vehicle, individual engineer support during track days and club sport activities upon request, a service hotline during race weekends as well as logistical services such as an optimal spare parts supply. Technical support is furthermore guaranteed by the motorsport experts at HWA AG, carrying out services and rebuilds as Mercedes-AMG’s development and production partner. The exclusive online-based ordering and information system “Customer Service Portal” is in place for ordering accessories and spare parts as well as providing all technical documentation.

Unfortunately, you’ll not be able to walk into your local Mercedes-AMG dealer and order one of the 55 Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series, global sales are being handled directly from Affalterbach, the Mercedes-AMG HQ, the first units will be delivered to their fortunate clients in the second quarter of 2022, and while the press release doesn’t state of all of them are sold out already, chances are that not too many remain by the time you are reading this, so if you want to add a Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series as a track toy to your garage, which probably already has a Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series in it, you might want to act quick.