The Alpine A4810 hydrogen-powered supercar concept

With all the hype around hybrid supercars like the Ferrari SF90 and all-electric super and hypercars like the Rimac Nevera, you might think the future is all about ‘electric’ cars, but there is another propulsion being tested for a while now, like hydrogen, for instance, we’ve seen hydrogen-powered cars before, but this new Alpine A4810 Concept is on a completely different level, the brainchild of Masters students enrolled into Transportation Design at the IED Design School created an amazing looking hydrogen-powered, two-seater, supercar to match a brief from the Alpine design team.

The Alpine A4810 Concept offers a glimpse into the future with next-generation technology, while still showing classic characteristics from the Alpine brand that was founded back in 1955, this is an innovative concept car that has been created for a sustainable future, a car that boasts the traditional Berlinetta shape, and while the engine and fuel tanks might be built similar to a current hypercar, the subtraction process is proof of some strong innovation. The styling comes with a serious influence from Formula One models, and the combination of intakes, vents, and body panels create an overall impression of lightness, even with a massive glass panel almost stretching from the front straight to the back of this concept, this car looks like a LeMans racecar for the road.

Naturally, the A4810 Concept is finished in the classic Alpine Blue, but it is combined with grey and satin black body panels, together with clear carbon fiber aero parts to create an amazing impression and a stunning contrast between different parts of the supercar, while the students used every virtual means available to them, from hand-drawn sketches to 3D modeling, the renders, animation, and HMI (Human Machine Interface) development has led to the creation of a Concept car that is almost ready to be built for road use, offering a more sustainable future from a car with zero emissions.

Paola Zini, Director of IED Turin, said, “As in previous years, through their most important project, the Masters students have embraced notions of skills transversality and teamwork in a fertile and visionary environment. This is part of the IED DNA and will help prepare students for the challenges the industry will face in the future and serve as a foundation for their professional success. Alpine’s contribution was one of passion, enthusiasm, and constant presence, and marks another milestone in international collaboration. Furthermore, this was an opportunity for students to work under the guidance of Antony Villain, Alpine Design Director, Raphael Linari, Alpine Chief Designer, and a number IED alumni, whom we had the pleasure of seeing again.”

Just in case you are wondering about the A4810 name, it is obvious the A comes from Alpine, but what about the 4810 designation? And no, there isn’t a 48V electric motor, the explanation is much more interesting … 4810 is the exact height of the famous Mont Blanc mountain measured in meters, the highest and most emblematic peak in the Alps that sits at the border between Italy and France, bridging IED with Alpine, just imagine being behind the wheel of this amazing looking supercar on the winding roads leading to the top of Mont Blanc.

Antony Villain, Alpine Design Director, said, “Collaboration with the Istituto Europeo di Design and its students has been a great experience. It was a ‘filter’ for us to see the brand through the eyes of the younger generation, but it was also an opportunity to share our passion and know-how, and give them sound advice for a successful career in automotive design.”

“The Alpine A4810 project by IED has been a very exciting experience with IED students and lecturers”, added Raphael Linari, Alpine Chief Designer. “The result is a futuristic supercar that explores new territories for the brand in terms of package, proportions, and design language. The different creative approaches of the young talented students combined with IED know-how gave rise to some very interesting responses. Furthermore, the extraordinary final result makes the collaboration a resounding success!”

Alpine was founded in 1955 by Jean Rédélé, and asserted itself over the years with its French-style sports cars, 2018 saw the introduction of the new A110, a sports car that is true to Alpine’s timeless principles of compactness, lightness, agility, and driving pleasure. In 2021, the Alpine Business Unit was created, to become the dedicated brand for the innovative, authentic, and exclusive sports cars of the Renault Group, benefiting from the heritage and know-how of its historic Dieppe factory and the engineering expertise of the Alpine Racing and Alpine Cars teams, note that the Renault F1 Team migrated was rebranded into the Alpine F1 Team for the 2021 season.