Sean O’Malley shrugs off Aljamain Sterling’s injury hurdles ahead of UFC 292: ‘It’s called discipline’

Sean O’Malley believes if Aljamain Sterling uses his time between his recent fight with Henry Cejudo and UFC 292 wisely, the bantamweight champion should have no issues making it to their fight.

O’Malley will challenge Sterling for the title in the main event of promotion’s return to Boston on Aug. 19. Sterling said recently he agreed to the matchup, and plans to compete, but does have some lingering injuries from his UFC 288 win over Cejudo that he wanted to make sure wouldn’t hinder his preparation.

While O’Malley understands Sterling fought earlier this month, “Sugar” feels like with the right plan in place, making it to August is doable.

“He did just fight, but look at [Israel Adesanya], the motherf***** fought four times in 12 months,” O’Malley said on the TimboSugarShow. “You have four months, I know some people keep saying three months, but it’s four months from the fight. Take two months off, heal up, and then train hard for two months. It ain’t f****** science, or is it?

“It’s called discipline.”

Sterling recently tweeted at O’Malley in regards the scheduling of the bout, suggesting they move it up to UFC 290 in July, which O’Malley declined in order to keep things as they are. Additionally, UFC President Dana White had some things to say about Sterling at the UFC Vegas 73 post-fight press conference, claiming the 135-pound titleholder “can’t get out of his own way,” which elicited a response from Sterling.

O’Malley seems puzzled by Sterling’s approach and sets the record straight that the date for the championship bout was put together by the UFC, not O’Malley.

“He acts like he calls the shots,” O’Malley said. “I’m not acting like I call the shots either. Dana said August, so I said August. It’s not like I told Dana, ‘Hey, f****** run it in August, I run this s***.’ I said, ‘Hey, Uncle Dana’ — I didn’t call him Daddy Dana like he says — I said, ‘Uncle Dana, when do you want me to beat up Aljo?’ And it happened to be August.”