Ronda Rousey outwrestles Marshawn Lynch on reality TV game show ‘Stars on Mars’

Ronda Rousey can now add “out-wrestled Marshawn Lynch” onto her impressive resume of accomplishments.

Rousey, the former UFC bantamweight champion, and Lynch, a former All-Pro NFL running back and Super Bowl winner with the Seattle Seahawks, are both currently contestants on the FOX game show Stars on Mars, which is sort of like if Celebrity Big Brother was held at space camp.

The premise puts 12 celebrities together in a “space station” where they simulate a mission to Mars, with contestants getting voted out each week. In the most recent episode, the celebrities must name a “Base Commander” and Lynch suggests they fight for it, which Rousey obliges, ending up on top in the brief clip.

You can see how Rousey fares against Lynch in the clip below.

[embedded content]

Rousey has not competed in MMA since retiring in 2016, though she still holds a number of records with the UFC. She currently performs in the WWE where she stars on the Raw brand.