RIZIN 45 fight video: Kouzi, son of footballer King Kazu, wins MMA debut with soccer kick KO

Koji Tanaka, a.k.a. « Kouzi », showed off soccer skills in his MMA debut.

The son of “King Kazu” Kazuyoshi Miura, a soccer legend from Japan, « Kouzi » dropped previously unbeaten Kota Miura (2-1) with a nasty left elbow from the clinch and landed heavy strikes from top position on the ground before getting back to his feet and landing soccer kicks, forcing the referee to stop the action for the knockout 59 seconds into the second round.

« Kouzi » now holds a 1-0 record in MMA after a long career kickboxing, competing for K-1 and going 4-5 in kickboxing matches under the RIZIN banner.

Check the finish below.

˜King Kazu” started his professional soccer career playing for Santos in Brazil in 1986 and jumping between clubs in Brazil, Japan and Europe since. Miura scored 55 goals in 89 matches for the Japanese national team between 1990 and 2000, and is still an active player at age 56 for Portugal’s Oliveirense.