Paige VanZant eviscerates ‘piece of sh*t’ Dillon Danis in fiery response to accusations 

Dillon Danis just picked another fight he can’t win.

The grappler and ex-Bellator athlete, who last competed in MMA in 2019, got rather upset after Paige VanZant proclaimed “Dillon Danis is not a fighter” when asked about MMA fighters attempting to make the crossover into boxing as she prepares to make her own debut at a Misfits card in May.

In response, Danis fired back on social media, stating that VanZant was just upset he didn’t “wife” her, and added, “don’t make me bring up our two trips to Vegas and ruin your marriage.”

VanZant, who is married to one-time Bellator title challenger Austin Vanderford, took to Instagram to offer her side of the story, which obviously didn’t match what Danis claimed. Instead, she unloaded with both barrels on Danis as she recounted her one and only memory of running into him in Las Vegas.

“It has come to my attention that there is a certain clown on Instagram by the name of Dillon Danis trying to talk some shit and stir up some drama,” VanZait said. “So let’s f*cking go, right? Dillon, obviously I said you’re not a real fighter. My bad, I triggered you. I understand that hurt your feelings. But instead of coming back and talking shit about me and saying I’m not a real fighter, what did you do? You kind of f*cked yourself, right? You backed yourself into a corner because now you have to come with proof of this alleged affair, right?

“Because the only time I remember ever seeing you in Vegas was at the UFC athlete retreat. You walked up to me in a bar and asked me to peg you in front of multiple other UFC fighters, and I laughed in your face. That’s not the definition of a relationship, is it?”

VanZant didn’t stop there, especially when it came to Danis attempting to damage her marriage with his claims about some past relationship between them.

“Stirring up drama on the internet to try to fight my husband, there’s definitely better ways you could handle that,” VanZant said. “He’s got three things you absolutely will never have. One, a wife. Two, friends. And three, a real MMA résumé.

“So Dillon, I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, but when you’re a piece of shit like you are, it’s pretty f*cking easy. Have a good one.”

For his part, Vanderford also weighed in, throwing down a challenge if Danis really wanted to fight him in MMA, or even in boxing.

“I’m sure there will be some corny excuse ‘who is he?’, ‘he doesn’t have a following’, ‘he lost his last fight’, ‘not the same weight class’…. Blah blah blah,” Vanderford wrote on Instagram.

Since securing his Bellator release following the PFL merger, Vanderford has been seeking out his next opportunity, and it seems as if Danis has piqued his interest as an opponent.

Outside of his two fights in Bellator nearly five years ago, Danis has only competed once since then, and that ended in a disqualification loss in a boxing match against Logan Paul following an embarrassing performance across six rounds this past October.

Danis also faces a lawsuit from Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal due to repeated online harassment and claims that he may have hacked into one of her social media accounts.