No Bets Barred: Grant Dawson and the Magic 8-Ball at UFC Vegas 80, plus Bellator 300 is finally here

After a week off from MMA action, the No Bets Barred boys are back this week with a full breakdown of UFC Vegas 80 and Bellator 300.

Co-hosts Conner Burks and Jed Meshew kick things off with a brief recap of their weekends off before hopping into discussion on the numerous fights this week.

In the previous episode, Jed debuted his new “Magic 8-Ball” bet, which cashed big at UFC Vegas 79, so he breaks it out three times this weekend to see what the sorcery can do for his gambling bankroll. Conor, meanwhile, turns to some classic No Bets Barred bets on a weekend that features a ton of huge favorites. Plus, this week we get the rarest of all occurrences, a Robot Wolfpack Wager!

Tune in for episode 64 of No Bets Barred.

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