Julianna Pena slams ‘CHEATara’ Mayra Bueno Silva for failed drug test: ‘Living up to your nickname’

Julianna Pena wasted no time unloading on Mayra Bueno Silva after the Brazilian confessed to failing a drug test in relation to her recent submission win over Holly Holm.

While the full details surrounding the positive drug test won’t be revealed until Thursday’s meeting of the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC), Silva has already been temporarily suspended and will likely face some kind of punishment as a result. It was just after her victory over Holm that Silva took aim at Pena and promised to “smash” the former UFC champ in a potential fight with the vacant UFC bantamweight title on the line.

Now with the drug test results becoming public, Pena fired back and pulled no punches when it comes to her opinion of Silva.

“CHEAT-ara, living up to your nickname,” Pena wrote on Twitter, mocking Silva’s “Sheetara” nickname. “Back to being a curtain jerker of an APEX card you go.

“You fought two 41 year olds this year and you had to cheat in order to get it done. Can’t pass a drug test? Keep my name out of your mouth, ya dumb broad!.”

The two fights Pena referenced came against Holm and Lina Lansberg, which extended Silva’s overall win streak to four in a row since returning to the bantamweight division.

Due to the failed drug test, it’s possible the NAC could overturn Silva’s win over Holm to a no-contest, but until a punishment is handed down or an adjudication agreement is reached, the win remains on her record.

Silva claimed the failed drug test came as a result of a substance “consistent with the prescription medication I take for my ADHD.”

Initially, the performance against Holm appeared to vault Silva into a position to potentially challenge Pena for the UFC bantamweight title, which was vacated after Amanda Nunes announced her retirement in June.

Now, with a possible suspension looming, it’s almost certain that Silva won’t be in consideration for that opportunity any longer. Meanwhile, Raquel Pennington emerges as the most likely challenger to face Pena to crown a new champion in the near future.