‘Huge victory for UFC’: Fighters react to UFC’s $335 million settlement on antitrust lawsuits

The biggest potential MMA story of 2024 is already over.

On Wednesday, news broke that TKO Group Holdings — the parent company of UFC — reached a proposed $335 million settlement that will bring an end to a pair of long-running antitrust lawsuits. The settlement ensures that the antitrust cases, the first of which was initially filed in 2014, will not go trial when and if Judge Richard Boulware signs off on the terms of the agreement — a seismic development in a story that threatened to change the landscape of MMA as we know it.

While the terms of the settlement have yet to be fully revealed, Wednesday’s news still elicited plenty of reaction from the MMA community, with some fighters calling the terms a win for the UFC and the legal team for the plaintiffs stating its satisfaction with the outcome.

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