Devin Haney vs. George Kambosos Jr. full fight video highlights

Watch Devin Haney vs. George Kambosos Jr. full fight video highlights from Saturday’s boxing main event, courtesy of the Top Rank Boxing and other outlets.

George Kambosos vs. Devin Haney took place June 4 at the Marvel Arena in Melbourne, Australia. WBA, IBF, and WBO champion George Kambosos Jr. (20-1, 10 KO) faced off against WBC champion Devin Haney (28-0, 15 KO) in a lightweight title unification match in the night’s main event. The fight aired live on ESPN and ESPN+.

Catch the video highlights below.

Round 1: Very measured start, both men looking to counter. Very slow first round as each man throwing one punch at a time, with plenty of rest between. Less than a minute to go, and Haney leads this round on the basis of two landed jabs. Right hook from Kambosos riles up the crowd. Ref takes a timeout to warn Kambosos about holding. Not a lot of clean punches landed, most of what did came from Haney. Haney 10-9

Round 2: Kambosos letting loose with a few sharp hooks early, nothing serious landed. Kambosos misses with a hard right hook counter. Kambosos counters Haney on the charge and Haney shaken up a bit! Steady on again, and Kambosos again trying to keep Haney at enough distance to counter on the movement. Haney sneaks in a jab. Lots of tie ups, and Kambosos firing hooks inside to close out the round. Kambosos 10-9 (19-19)

Round 3: Nice left right from Kambosos as Haney dives in. Haney lands one on a four punch combo halfway through. Kambosos focused on timing counters, and having some success with it. Haney bull rushes Kambosos into the ropes, referee resets them back in the middle of the ring. Haney moving well to frustrate Kambosos attempts at initiating. Very tense, nervy sort of fight so far with bursts of action but lots more pacing and spacing. Haney 10-9 (29-28)

Round 4: Haney with a double jab, Kambosos avoids. Flurry from Kambosos doesn’t land. Haney jab countered by one that lands clean from Kambosos. One minute left, and not much clean in either direction so far. Nice straight from Haney. Kambosos with a right hand to the head, moving forward more late in the round. Hard hook from Kambosos late, may have stolen the round with it. Kambosos 10-9 (38-38)

Round 5: Uppercut from Haney snaps Kambosos back for a moment. Right hand to the body from Kambosos gets a reaction. Another right to the body, but doesn’t land as clean for Kambosos. Two punch combo from Kambosos, and they’re tied up again. Haney jabs, Kambosos counters with two punches of his own. Left hook from Kambosos partially blocked. Haney being urged to throw a right behind his jab, but Kambosos is the one who puts it into play.

Trying hard to put aside any Kambosos bias, but these are close rounds and I think Kambosos did land more and bigger punches. Kambosos 10-9 (48-47)

Round 6: Haney with a three punch combo from distance. .Kambosos trying to work his way inside. Tied up again, as both men are quick to neutralize the other when the gap closes. Kambosos with a short right hand to the body. Kambosos lands a nice left hook! Tied up some more, swapping slaps behind the head. Haney calling for a low blow warning, nothing coming. Kambosos 10-9 (58-56)

Round 7: More tense jabbing, and Kambosos puts Haney in a headlock on the tie up. Kambosos works his way inside, and we’re tied up on the ropes again. Haney landing jabs from distance. Kambosos hook lands on Haney’s arm. Clash of heads and chests in the final minute, nobody hurt. Haney with a sharp double jab. Haney follows a clean jab with a blocked right hand. Tim Bradley losing his mind for Haney, for what that’s worth. Haney 10-9 (Kambosos 67-66)

Round 8: Jab from Haney turns Kambosos, who isn’t throwing much early in this round. Counter left to the body from Kambosos. Commentary pointing out redness in the face of Kambosos, who, to be fair, was red in the face before the fight even started. Nice one-two from Haney and Kambosos misses on his counters. Jab from Haney splits the guard of Kambosos. Kambosos pressing in the final seconds, nice right to the body on Haney. Lots of jab work from Haney in this round. Haney 10-9 (76-76)

Round 9: Straight right from Haney lands hard. Kambosos with one of his own, and Haney lands a sharp jab in return. Haney down after a rumpus in the corner, ruled a slip. Kambosos with a wild left hook, doesn’t land but does tap the ropes. Right over the top lands from Kambosos. Kambosos more active than he’s been in a few rounds, and seeing results from it. Kambosos 10-9 (86-85)

Round 10: Kambosos leads with a left to the body. Haney jabs cleanly. One two from Kambosos doesn’t find the target. Right hook to the body from Haney hits an elbow or bicep. Kambosos with two left hooks, one landing. Back and forth action in the middle of the ring. Both men look very fresh for round 10. Kambosos lands a right hand. Kambosos getting a little rough, holding a glove and chopping at Haney. Ref breaks it all up. Commentary is VERY pro Haney, and maybe I’m just a Greek partisan that isn’t seeing it. But I think it’s a tight fight that’s leaning Kambosos on a round by round basis. Kambosos misses a big uppercut to end the round. Kambosos 10-9 (96-94)

Round 11: Haney poking with jabs, Kambosos still trying to time him with counters from distance. Lengthy tie up again. Haney snaps a crisp jab. Wrapped up chest to back, dirty dancing, and swapping slappy slaps in the embrace. Left hand lands for Haney. Crowd booing as Haney moves back to maintain separation and continues to jab. It was enough to take this round, though. Haney 10-9 (Kambosos 105-104)

Round 12: Touch of gloves to start the final round. Haney circling and moving backwards. Kambosos tries to fire off a power punch and loses balance. Haney jabbing as he circles and retreats, Kambosos not doing much to get at him and work. Two punch combo from Kambosos, doesn’t land clean. Final minute, Haney is riding this one out. Kambosos trying to slip punches through, but Haney covering up well. Jab from Haney and a tangle up as the ten second bell sounds. Both men tap and respect as the final bell rings.

Commentary makes it sound like Haney dominated. Maybe I’m way, way out of stream on this one, but I have this round for Kambosos and it’s enough to take the fight. And I thought I was trying to counter my Greek bias. We shall see what the judges say. Kambosos 10-9 (115-113)