Colby Covington gives advice to Aljamain Sterling on haters: ‘Just keep silencing them, that’s the best revenge’

Colby Covington has been impressed with the run UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling has been on. So when it comes to dealing with the haters, Covington feels like Sterling needs to just keep doing what he’s doing.

Earlier this month, Sterling earned a split decision win over Henry Cejudo to retain his championship in the main event of UFC 288 — becoming the first fighter in the division’s history to defend the title three consecutive times in the process. Covington, who is expected to challenge Leon Edwards for the welterweight title later this year, has dealt with his fair share of negativity amongst fans over the years and was asked what advice he would give to Sterling in regards to not getting the respect he deserves for this current streak.

“I would tell him to just keep being you,” Covington told MMA Fighting. “In due time, people will have no choice but to respect you when you keep proving them wrong and just keep silencing them, that’s the best revenge. Success is the best revenge. He’s just got to keep doing his thing.

“He’s doing great things in the business and the company, he’s making history in that bantamweight division. I think he’s doing just fine, and he [shouldn’t be] really too worried about the haters right now. He should be worried about how his bank account looks.”

As far as Cejudo goes after falling short in his quest to return to the octagon and win the championship he once held following a three-year layoff, Covington doesn’t have the same high praise for “Triple C.”

In fact, should Cejudo hypothetically give Covington a call and ask “Chaos” for advice on overcoming and adapting, Covington wouldn’t be as open to respond.

“I wouldn’t answer the call, man,” Covington said of Cejudo. “I wouldn’t give him advice because he’s already tried to copy and mimic me so much, and watch my every move.

“If I make a sandwich a certain way, he’s going to try and make the sandwich the same way. So imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.”