Chris Curtis explains using ‘terrible’ Diddy walkout song at UFC Vegas 90 amid current controversy

Chris Curtis showed heart, grit, and determination throughout his 25 minute battle with Brendan Allen in the main event of UFC Vegas 90, but it was his walkout song that had the MMA community scratching their heads.

Prior to his split decision loss to Allen at Saturday’s card at the UFC APEX, Curtis walked to the octagon to Sean “Diddy” Combs’ track “Bad Boy For Life.”

Combs is linked to an ongoing investigation into allegations of sexual assault and sex trafficking, which led to authorities raiding the rap mogul’s Miami and Los Angeles homes this past month. The song choice was deemed ill-timed by many in the space, and following the loss, Curtis explained how he landed on the walkout music.

“I’m getting some weird looks so I’ll explain the walkout for you guys before I go to bed,” Curtis stated on Twitter. “Last night at dinner, I got a call saying my walkout song (The Rumbling by Stim) wasn’t approved by the execs.

“I was low-key kinda pissed, so I went with Diddy thinking, ‘There is no way they’ll approve this then…,’ but I’m petty and a smart ass. Jokes on me, they definitely approved it so we just went with it. Diddy is terrible, but it was kinda hilarious. I’ll do better in the future.”

Curtis fought valiantly throughout the battle with Allen but ultimately came up short on two of the judges’ scorecards, and may have suffered a torn hamstring in the final seconds of the bout.

Despite the effort on short notice, Curtis feels his missed some opportunities to capitalize.

“Watched it back 4 times now,” Curtis said. “This one is going to sting for a while. Not mad at Brendan. He didn’t score the fight. But yeah… that was a huge opportunity. I made mistakes, but I thought I did enough. This one hurts.”