Artur Beterbiev vs. Callum Smith full fight video highlights

Watch Artur Beterbiev vs. Callum Smith full fight video highlights from the Beterbiev vs. Smith event, courtesy of Top Rank and other outlets.

Beterbiev vs. Smith took place January 13 at the Videotron Centre in Quebec City, Quebec. Artur Beterbiev (20-0, 29 KOs) defends his WBC, IBF, and WBO light heavyweight titles against Callum Smith (29-2, 21 KOs) in a high-stakes bout, which aired live on ESPN and ESPN+.

Catch the video highlights below.

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Round 1: Beterbiev comes right out with a jab as he pushes Smith to the ropes. He lets his hands go to force Smith into defensive mode. Smith gets the fight back to the center of the ring and fires back with a couple of punches from distance. Beterbiev works his way inside with the jab and slips another right hand past Smith’s guard. Smith staying busy, but not having much success landing anything hard. Beterbiev’s jab is on point. There’s a good right hand for Smith and then a left that has Beterbiev retreating. Smith with a short combo to set up a couple of body punches. Counter left from Beterbiev slows Smith. There’s another good right for Beterbiev. Beterbiev throws some big winging punches and finishes the round strong. Lively opening three minutes.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Beterbiev.

Round 2: Beterbiev letting the right hand go freely. Smith jabs to the body. That short right is really giving Smith problems. Beterbiev controlling the action with the jab. Smith with a wide 1-2. Beterbiev cracks Smith with a right to the body. Smith walks Beterbiev, but stays cautious with Beterbiev cornered. Beterbiev circles and scores with a jab. Rip to the body by Beterbiev. Smith works to punch his way out of trouble. Beterbiev scores with a jab. Smith lands a left hook and circles out. Smith closes the round with a good combination.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Beterbiev. Overall, 20-18 Beterbiev.

Round 3: Smith showing real urgency in Round 3, testing Beterbiev’s defense with some fast punches. A right to the body gets through for Smith. Beterbiev answers back and a straight left pops Smith. Beterbiev utilizing body work to open Smith up. Smith with a couple of body shots, but he gets a warning to be wary of a low shot. Beterbiev with a fast right to Smith’s ribs. He is piercing Smith’s defenses with that jab. Smith’s punches are starting to fall just short. Beterbiev coming forward. He’s making Smith miss while racking up points.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Beterbiev. Overall, 30-27 Beterbiev.

Round 4: Beterbiev immediately advances to cut off the ring. That jab is money. Beterbiev wins an exchange with a right down the middle. Smith looking to score to the body. Beterbiev doubles up with his left. Non-stop shots from Beterbiev, he’s giving Smith no room to breathe. Smith keeping his head active, just trying to make himself a moving target, but Beterbiev staying disciplined. Beterbiev with a big right. Smith catches him with a crisp uppercut. Beterbiev goes back to the jab to re-establish his rhythm. Smith with a trio of solid left hands. Nice right down the middle from Smith. Beterbiev throwing power punches, but Smith is defending well. Thrilling action.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Beterbiev. Overall, 40-36 Beterbiev.

Round 5: An exchange of jabs open the fifth. Smith not backing down as he lands to the body, but a couple of jabs put him on the back foot once more. Beterbiev is controlling the range with his jab. Beterbiev circling and jabbing, Smith staying out of danger for the most part in this round. Maybe both fighters taking a breather after that action-packed Round 4. Smith with a left to the body, Beterbiev is right there with a counter punch. Smith trying to bully Beterbiev in the corner, but Beterbiev punches his way out. Jab after jab lands for Beterbiev.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Beterbiev. Overall, 50-45 Beterbiev.

Round 6: Lead right gets Smith’s attention. Another right lands as Smith has to work his way out of the corner. Beterbiev just tagging him with the right now. Quick left from Beterbiev connects. Smith steps in with a sneaky body shot. Smith right hand gets through. Smith pushes forward, but a hard left from Beterbiev puts a stop to that. More jabs from Beterbiev. Beterbiev ducks a punch and hits Smith. Smith on the ropes, he clinches up out of self-preservation. Combination scores for Smith.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Beterbiev. Overall, 60-54 Beterbiev.

Round 7: Beterbiev staying springy, flicking out his jab. He’s mixing up his punches well when he closes the distance. Smith back to the body. Left to the side of Smith’s head hurts him. Beterbiev just letting the heavy leather go and Smith is dropped for the first time in his career. This could be the beginning of the end. The action resumes and Beterbiev just pours it on. Another knockdown seconds later. That will be all for Smith.

Artur Beterbiev def. Callum Smith via seventh-round TKO