10 years ago hurricane #sandy hit the East Coast. It was back…

10 years ago hurricane #sandy hit the East Coast.

It was back during my iPhone only days and this first image of a man in the waters off of Coney Island became the first iPhone image ever published on the cover of @time magazine.
@bonetiredmama was stuck in California and my mom was watching our boys. I was rolling around town with @ruddyroye @ramintalaie and @wyattgallery

The first night during the storm we all linked arms as we walked chest deep through the waters in Dumbo and Redhook – and called it a night when we saw floating, flaming SUVs in the dark.

I remember meeting John Lennon – and elderly man in the Rockaways who bemoaned not the loss of his house – but that people were still crank calling him about Ringo!

I remember sitting in a police car, spitting chewing Tobacco and talking about body armor, all the while trying to negotiate access to the Seaside Heights boardwalk to make images of the sunken Jet Star roller coaster.

I remember jumping over thousands of needles with @ruddyroye on Staten Island after a hospital waste ship ran aground.

I remember night biking from the brooklyn bridge up broadway in complete darkness, faces lit by phones only.

I remember a man complaing that his entire DVD collection was washed away and replaced with someone else’s choices, because “Raising Arizona” was definitely not his.

I remember people lining up to Chargé their phones and huff gas.
I remember that we all persevered.

#photojournalism #reportage
(at New York, New York)